We offer a wide range of services, products, and expertise to develop new products or improve existing ones.



We ensure regulatory fulfillment and take care of import/export conformity as well. We procure and control documentation such as:

  1. Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  2. Free Sales Certificates
  3. Laboratory tests
  4. CE and FDA conformity permits
  5. Etc.


When developing your private label, we do not only fulfill required quality standards, but also deliver added value by offering a superior quality than your competitors. We do this mostly through R&D, cooperation with industry experts and long-time trusted companies.

In fact, we do not believe there is trade-off between price and quality. Instead, we offer the best achievable quality according to your target segment. Regardless of whether premium, middle or mass market.


Coordinating all of the above is not an easy task.

Is your product right for your segment?

Are you using the right packaging for your product?

Does your design fit your packaging?

Do your logistics have the right timing?

We take care of it.


Our main packaging material groups include:

  1. Bottles: PE, PET, PP, glass, aluminium, etc.
  2. Srayers: trigger, mist, perfume, etc.
  3. Jars: one-wall, double-wall, acrylic, glass, etc.
  4. Cardboard: folding boxes, counter & shelf displays, etc.
  5. Closures: screw caps, snap-ons, flip-top, disc-top, push-pull, push lock, etc.
  6. Pumps: lotion, foam, cream, oil, nail, etc.
  7. Tubes: PE, laminated, etc.
  8. Specials: airless bottle systems, sprayer pens, credit card sprayers, etc.
  9. Bags: refiller, sachets, string, zipper, etc.

All our categories range from exclusive to standard packaging materials.