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The Ammann-Luperdi GmbH was formed in the early 2019. Together, the initial team sums up more than 25 years of experience in product and private label development in the field of consumer goods. The team has been involved in a variety of responsibilities for the development of trademarks, brands, private labels, and similar in all associated product lines.

On the one hand, our performance consists in advising manufacturing and distribution companies in the scope of private brands and trademarks. On the other hand, we advise retailers regarding assortment, product placement, shelf & conceptual design, private label strategy, and other services. However, the real value of the company consists in being a real “hands on” partner.

Far from only “advising”, the team knows what “rolling up the sleeves” looks like. We work directly with suppliers, logistic companies, legal partners, national authorities, and customers to deliver on our promise of taking care of product development—from the original idea to the shelf.

All team members are well experienced in working with medium and large retailers with a branch network of 200 to 10000 stores. Additionally, the company has extensive international experience. This includes past projects in all five continents. Alone in Europe, some examples include projects in Germany, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, and the Baltics.

While the core of the team is long-standing and experienced, the company also has a large network of specialized external professionals for all company-related business fields.

“Ammann-Luperdi” is located in Jesewitz, a municipality in the district of Nordsachsen, Saxony, Germany, only 15 kilometers north-east of Leipzig. Both, Leipzig-Halle Airport and Leipzig Central Train Station can be reached within 15 and 30 minutes, respectively, by car.


International experience

Here you can find information about our experience in different locations worldwide.

International experience


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